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Between Brazil and Moldova, from Paulicéia to Lozova

Victor Hugo Silva Souza

Since April 2020, the Brazilian education is in a hard time. Arrival coronavirus in the country was not only a sanitary trouble. Besides to be a health crisis, Brazil was in a political crisis, with absence of state in education system and other areas, but the more serious neglect is really in education.

Today, the country has more than 500 thousand dead by COVID-19, the hunger is growing, a lot of job lost and a lot of companies going bankrupt. In São Paulo state, the government has tried to reopen the school many times among more than three great waves of infection.

In the little town Paulicéia, in west region, on Paraná riverbank, near of Mato Grosso do Sul state, it is possible understand better about this reality. Paulicéia has about 7 thousand people, and more than 617 were infected with COVID-19, and 11 deaths. The school Prof. Orlando Guirado Braga, in this town, has more than 8 hundred students, and a lot of them go to school no just for learn History, Geography, Math etc., but for eat. In Brazil, each student eats at least one meal at school.

The majority of students’ parents work in sugar mill and plantations of sugar cane. Because many lost their jobs, the hunger grown up also in the little cities of São Paulo state. So, the classes in Paulicéia have been only on-line since the last year. Through the partnership between doctor Dorin Lozovanu and a Brazilian teacher, Victor Hugo Silva Souza, it was possible an amazing contact among Brazilian teachers and students and the Liceul Teoretic Lozova in 20th may. The principal of Brazilian school says it about the experience:

“I’m really happy for this experience with Lozova, in Moldova, it was amazing to me and our students. I hope that it is only the first contact with partnership started with this conference” Yara Iraides Torres.

After vaccination, the school community believes in better days for next semester 2021, with students at school and the slowly return of economy activities.
Teachers and students from Paulicéia, Brazil in conference with Lozova